Convert PowerPoint to eLearning

Since PowerPoint training is used only for personal training, you could consider turning it into interactive online courses. Transform your PowerPoint presentations into interactive, performance online courses.

Instead of creating eLearning content from scratch, it is ideal to use your existing PowerPoint course content when transforming your training into interactive SCORM learning. You can use your ppt content to create eLearning learnings quickly.

What are the benefits of converting PowerPoint training to eLearning?

• Limited to the number of learners
• Less engaging, and interactive
• Doesn’t support multi-device learning
• Unable to track learner status

How to Convert PPT into an Interactive eLearning Module?

Step 1: Structure the Content of PowerPoint
Step 2: Need analysis for engaging eLearning
Step 3: Applying appropriate Instructional design strategies
Step 4: Choosing the Right Rapid Authoring Tool for development

Convert PowerPoint to eLearning

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